This kitchen is nothing short of bold sophistication overflowing with playful elegance from gold accents to the glistening crystal chandelier above the island. We took advantage of the large window above the 7’ galley workstation to bring in a great deal of natural light and a beautiful view of the backyard. Between the warm tones of light flooring and the light whites and blues of the cabinetry, the kitchen is well-balanced with a bright and airy atmosphere. In a kitchen full of light and symmetrical elements, on the end of the island we incorporated an asymmetrical focal point finished in a dark slate. This four drawer piece is wrapped in safari brasilica wood that purposefully carries the warmth of the floor up and around the end piece to ground the space further. The wow factor of this kitchen is the geometric glossy gold tiles of the hood creating a glamourous accent against a marble backsplash above the cooktop. This kitchen is not only classically striking but also highly functional. The versatile wall, opposite of the galley sink, includes an integrated refrigerator, freezer, steam oven, convection oven, two appliance garages, and tall cabinetry for pantry items. The kitchen’s layout of appliances creates a fluid circular flow in the kitchen. Across from the kitchen stands a slate gray wine hutch incorporated into the wall. The doors and drawers have a gilded diamond mesh in the center panels. This mesh ties in the golden accents around the kitchens décor and allows you to have a peek inside the hutch when the interior lights are on for a soft glow creating a beautiful transition into the living room.

Photo Credit:  Fred Donham of PhotographerLink 

Project Location: Arden Park, CA