Once a sunken living room closed off from the kitchen, we aimed to change the awkward accessibility of the space into an open and easily functional space that is cohesive. To open up the space even further, we designed a blackened steel structure with mirrorpane glass to reflect light and enlarge the room. Within the structure lives a previously existing lava rock wall. We painted this wall in glitter gold and enhanced the gold luster with built-in backlit LEDs. Also centered within the steel framing is a TV, which has the ability to be hidden when the mirrorpane doors are closed. The adjacent staircase wall is cladded with a large format white casework grid and seamlessly houses the wine refrigerator. The clean lines create a simplistic ornate design as a fresh backdrop for the repurposed crystal chandelier.

Photo Credit:  Fred Donham of PhotographerLink 

Project Location: Arden Park, CA


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